Monthly Archives: February 2016

Forty Gifts in Forty Days

Once again, I did not want to follow God’s instructions.

It started a couple of weeks ago. It was time to consider how to create a good, prosperous year for myself and our Center. “Raise your IQ (inspiration quotient),” I said to myself. “Attend lots of seminars with great spiritual teachers. Travel. You need to stay inspired.”

Then God whispered.

“Bonnie – Don’t spend time and money on seminars. Make a radical change. Stay close to home and give something away every day. That will transform you more than any inspirational workshop.”


“Who do you think I am God, Warren Buffett? How can I give something away every day? It’s too much. I’ll wind up living in a box by the freeway, eating cat food for supper. Plus, giving requires a certain level of intimacy and connection. I’m not sure I’m ready…”

Such is the mind of the objection-able ego, so determined to keep us stuck in old patterns.

God wasn’t asking me to go live in a box and dine on Purina. God was inviting me to challenge ancient patterns of scarcity.

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