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The other day, I woke up afraid.  I was afraid of the election.   There’s negative energy swirling around.  Some of it snuck into my sleep and tried to suck me down the drain.

I thought about alleviating my discomfort with blame and hatred.  I want to hate this election, blame candidates, disdain people who polarize.  But then I realized that wouldn’t help anything.

I came up with another plan.

First, empathy for everyone involved.  Everything is reflected fear.  I see fear in the candidates, their supporters and their enemies.  Fear sizzles beneath the surface of arguments and issues.  Everyone wants to win.  People fear the shame of losing.  Some are afraid the wrong person will win and ruin us and break our country.  Others fear injustice, change and loss.  Others fear the status quo.

The fear threatens to swallow us.

How do we respond to fear?

Typically, we swallow fear with more fear.  But we know better.  The response to fear is compassion.  For everyone.  Our snark-infested resistance will only invite and solidify that which we do not wish to experience. 

Another response to fear:  We can’t change candidates.  It seems unlikely that we will change each other through Facebook rants.  And while I love and support those who do the hard work of holding opposite poles of any issue, it seems that there is a quiet cadre of people like me who choose to fight by not fighting.   We choose to do the inner work – to consciously elect that which is wanted instead of resisting the unwanted.  To take responsibility, hold the vision, and be the candidate we wish to see. 


In the coming weeks, let us elect anew. 

We begin with respect.

We respect the “guest house of being human.  We see joy, depression, meanness,
some momentary awareness as it comes as an unexpected visitor.  We welcome and entertain all inner conditions, even if they are a crowd of sorrows, who violently sweep the house empty of its furniture” (Rumi).

But we will not allow the crowd of sorrows, that inner sweeper-speaker of the house to ensnare our minds.

We elect.

We elect to see fear (or is it love?) in all of its “distressing disguises.”  (Mother Teresa)

We don’t defend or de-friend.  We befriend.

We elect civility, the willingness to listen and the ability to disagree without being disagreeable.

We elect a woman’s right to choose as we elect reverence for all life, born and unborn.

We elect a man’s right to wield tenderness with power.

We elect a child’s right to love, no matter what.

We elect everyone’s right to love and marry.

We elect compassion for all religious beliefs.

We elect compassion for non-believers.

We elect Black and Blue, because All lives matter.

We elect original innocence for all beings.  We cherish it, worship it and share it.

We elect a merger of radical generosity with fiscal integrity.  We elect the consciousness of enough.  We elect practical global solutions to all financial issues – solutions that maximize blessings in seen and unseen ways.

We elect a new vocabulary for our politicians – phrases like “I don’t know,” or “help me to be better,” or “I don’t need to win, I just want what’s best for our country.”   We elect this vocabulary for ourselves.

We elect the willingness to hear and be heard.  We discard all notions of making others wrong for sincerely held beliefs.

We elect to remember that we can help.  In a sea of perceived problems, we are a solution.

We elect a consciousness that wakes up every day and asks “What can I do to promote peace, love and healing?”  We listen for the answer and merge intention with action.

We elect the truth:  all healing begins with our willingness to heal.

We elect a world where the strength to lift each other up surpasses the weakness of blowing each other up.

We elect fairness, health and wholeness.  A clean environment.  Thriving wildlife.  Abiding sacredness for the earth and other rock-stars.

We elect goodwill, friendship, humility and grace.

We make America fall in love again

We’re with Us.

We elect.

We vote.

We use this privilege as a blessing to the world.

But most of all, we become the candidate we wish to see.  We elect ourselves.  We elect one another.  We elect love.  Namaste.

6 thoughts on “Elect This

  1. Judy

    Thank you Rev Bonnie, this is the substance of my meditation on Wednesday and every day between now and election day.

  2. suzan williams

    Oh dear Bonnie , thank you for putting words to the feelings of fear and outrage that are swirling around us all. It is up to each of us to keep the high watch beyond the media and even our friends, knowing we are safe , thriving and blessed as we remember to be the blessing.

  3. Duchess Dale

    Brava. Eloquent and true. Thanks.
    I have been squirming on the sidelines with the same issue and reluctant to speak/write about it–you know that church and state thang?– you have given me the nudge I needed. And in fact, I may even quote thee.

    (By the way, where did you get that photo to use?)

    Love you much and glad that we are standing together in this consciousness to elect To Be the Presence.

  4. Karen Hillman

    I sincerely thank you Rev. Bonnie….
    Your words are powerful and loving….and hit the spot on this Election Eve!!!!


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