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The Dearness of Being

Tour de Cluck:

Why would three grown-up professional women dress like chickens and ride rented bicycles on a rainy day in Davis California?

Two of my sisters (Judy and Carol) and I recently participated in the Tour de Cluck, an annual bike tour of backyard chicken coops.   It’s for charity.  Each biker-chick pays an entry fee that supports a farm to school program.  School lunches, gardens, and recycling programs flourish because people like us, born to be wild, pay to bike-waddle from coop to coop.

I didn’t expect the Rose Bowl Parade.  I thought in terms of Gay Pride – hundreds of costumed well-intentioned citizens for a worthy cause.   The Tour de Cluck was smaller than Gay Pride.  Plus I counted only four people dressed as chickens – my sisters, me, and one other dedicated soul.

It was totally worth it.  I would do it again.

My friend Brock talks about “the dearness of things” and the Tour de Cluck allowed me to hover in “Dearness.”

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The Riches of Embarrassment

I’d like to start this message with blame.

First, I blame my husband, Hugh A. Rose and then I blame my friend, Dr. Brock Travis.

They made me post this.

It started when I approached them to apologize for my writing. “Um… did you ever make an innocent comment that came out all sexual innuendo-y?” I said. “This piece is about that…and shame…and I’m afraid someone from the church might see.”

Hugh replied, “Do you believe God is all there is? Or do you believe God is not all there is?”

Brock said, “Do you want a church where people welcome everything? Or do you want a church where people do not welcome everything?”

The questions were rhetorical.

Of course I believe God is all there is. Of course I want a church where people believe life is an embarrassment of riches, a church where we welcome the riches of embarrassment.  

So here I am. I offer this off-beat examination of moving from shame-rags to riches.

In so doing, I say, peace be with you. And so it is. And here it is….

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The Holy Goat – Enlightenment from a Large Farm Animal

Mystics like to talk about Absolute Reality – the ultimate changeless Reality that exists beneath our relative, conditioned opinions or perceptions.   One of the best descriptions of the Absolute comes from Rumi, who wrote “Out beyond ideas of wrong-doing and right-doing there is a field; I’ll meet you there; when the soul lies down in that grass, the world is too full to talk about…”

The Absolute is the source of all things.   Absolute reality contains relative reality, the place where we abide in consciousness much of the time.   We often confuse the relative with the Absolute.   We use a yellow hi-lighter to underline select passages in an Infinite book and then confuse the hi-lighted fragments with the Whole story. This limits our experience of the Infinite Divine.

I know, it’s confusing – a little abstract for the human mind. So let me tell you about a Goat named Blondie who enlightened me. This Holy Goat went beyond the poets and theologians. She clarified the nature of existence in a single stark moment.     Continue reading