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Suffering Is The New Joy

“Can you walk, sweetheart?”

I say these words to our dog Stella who is dying.   It’s time for breakfast and if she walks from our bed to the kitchen, maybe that will be a sign.  Maybe she will be alright. So I ask her again, “Can you walk?”

As I ask, I remember eleven years of sleeping twisted like a pretzel so the dog could get a good night’s sleep.   I remember mornings, how she rose at dawn and stomped her Pointer’s feet on the mattress to get me up, to flush me out of the brush of sleep as she would a wild quail. Now it’s nine a.m. and she sighs at the foot of the bed, eyes alert and breathing rapidly.

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Is The Secret Real? — (Or The Time I Almost Licked A Veterinarian)

“Is The Secret real?” people ask me. “Does it work?”

You may remember The Secret, the book and movie released in 2006.   The premise is “thoughts are things.” It’s Cause and Effect, or the Law of Attraction. The Secret says your thoughts create your reality.   You manifest what you think about.

The ideas expressed in this teaching have been around for ages, and that’s a good thing.  Because life can be baffling.  We find comfort in taking charge and seeing that the quality of our thoughts can affect the quality of our lives.

The Secret is often taken a little too literally for my tastes.  I have found that The Secret, in it’s literal sense doesn’t always “work.”  I have experienced people who apply The Secret, and don’t get what they want.  Then they move to places of blame, resistance and self-recrimination.

But today, I’d like to tell you about a time when The Secret worked a little too well — a time when the power of my thoughts almost got me in trouble.

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