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The Riches of Embarrassment

I’d like to start this message with blame.

First, I blame my husband, Hugh A. Rose and then I blame my friend, Dr. Brock Travis.

They made me post this.

It started when I approached them to apologize for my writing. “Um… did you ever make an innocent comment that came out all sexual innuendo-y?” I said. “This piece is about that…and shame…and I’m afraid someone from the church might see.”

Hugh replied, “Do you believe God is all there is? Or do you believe God is not all there is?”

Brock said, “Do you want a church where people welcome everything? Or do you want a church where people do not welcome everything?”

The questions were rhetorical.

Of course I believe God is all there is. Of course I want a church where people believe life is an embarrassment of riches, a church where we welcome the riches of embarrassment.  

So here I am. I offer this off-beat examination of moving from shame-rags to riches.

In so doing, I say, peace be with you. And so it is. And here it is….

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